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27 May 2018
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The Master of Education is designed to develop education leadership skills and equip to work effectively in the 21st century international environment. The program integrates practical knowledge, conceptual frameworks and currently state-of-the-art research.

The program also designed to develop and support the careers if trained teachers who are teaching professionals, educational administrators, researchers , curriculum developer and policymakers.

The purpose of the Master of Education

1. Actively participate in the development of creative and  innovative Education Management
2. Develop a professional Education Management and similar profession
3. Solve problems in Education Management based on scientific principles and ethical norms and morals

Course Outline

First Semester

Philosophy of Science

Educational Foundation

Educational Policy

School Based Quality Management

Organizational Behaviors

Second Semester

Statistics and Research Methodology

Strategic Management

Organizational Development and Changing

Learning Development

Management of Training and Development

Management of Human Resources

Third Semester

Thesis Proposal



Kampus UKI Diponegoro – Jl. Diponegoro, Jakarta Pusat

Admission Requirements

1. a Bachelor of Education
2. Transcript Evaluation
3. TOEFL > 500

How to Apply

International applicants may apply
(i)  RMB University Telp.: + 6221-800-9190 (ext 258)  or
(ii) Secretariat of  Graduate Program, Tlp.: +6221-3920-174 or + 6221-3193-1494 or Email :




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